Nonfiction Text

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In Section 10.3 of the course text, the following authors are listed
as the superstars in the world of children’s nonfiction (Coats, 2013):

  • Nic Bishop
  • Joanna Cole
  • Penny Colman
  • Russell Freedman
  • Gail Gibbons
  • Sy Montgomery
  • Jim Murphy
  • Seymour Simon
  • Melissa Sweet

Go to your local library or bookstore and

read a nonfiction book by one of these authors. Please make sure that

the book you choose is non-fiction as several of these authors also

write fictional stories. Using the guidelines listed in Section 10.3 of

our text, critique the book to determine the characteristics that make

the author a superstar. In addition, share at least one idea you have

for how you could use this piece of literature in your classroom

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