NS 110 Excelsior College Mod 6 Cancer Causes and Current Treatments Essay

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Based on your readings in this module, answer each of these questions:

  1. Some specific types of cancer have been linked to genetic mutations which can be passed down to future generations. Other types of cancer have been linked to environmental or lifestyle choices. Select one known causal agent from those two given here, either A or B
    A. Genetically linked  
    B. Environmental/lifestyle linked 
  2. Then, after reviewing the learning materials and additional resources in the EC Library Resource Guide (Links to an external site.), select one causal agent from the two given above (A or B) and examine the forms of cancer caused by this agent in your initial post
  3. You have been asked to send an informative letter to the editor of your local newspaper, about the cancers caused by this agent.A. Explain the process of environmental or genetic change within a cell that makes it cancerous B. Explain the causes (carcinogens or oncogenes) and how these particular elements can cause a normal cell to become cancerous.  C. Describe the current treatments and hope for future treatments.  Remember your audience, keep your presentation at a level they can understand. Don’t scare the audience, keep your presentation informative but overall positive.  


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