nursing case study using decide model

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1) Read the following case study:

Jill is a charge nurse on a busy medical-surgical unit. She is expecting the clinical instructor from the local university at 2:00 pm to review and discuss potential patient assignments for the nursing students scheduled for the following day. Just as the university professor arrives, one of the patients on the unit develops a crisis requiring Jill’s attention. To expedite the student nurse assignments for the following day, Jill gives her electronic medical record access password to the instructor.

2) Read the article titled, “DECIDE : A Decision-Making Model for More Effective Decision Making by Health Care Managers”. The article can be found in the course LibGuide (Links to an external site.) under the Module 3 tab (Links to an external site.).

3) Apply the DECIDE Model to the case study. Discuss how each of the steps in the model could be applied to the case study. Create a Word document using APA format. The steps of the model will be used as headings in your paper. Be sure to include a title page, running head, in-text citations (if applicable), and a reference page. Review the grading rubric.

APA citation:

Guo, K.L. (2008). DECIDE: A decision-making model for more effective decision making by health care managers.

The Health Care Manager, 27 (2), 118-127.

I will add the rubric in a file and the book from google drive. I will also add the DECIDE model down below in an attatchment. Make sure each step to the decide model is fully answered in this case study.



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