ocean five long form essay questions

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Question 1

Imagine yourself giving a naturalist tour across the broad expanse of the ocean floor. First, using a map, select a departure point and a destination, which should be coastlines. Be careful when choosing — you’ll need to include all the major ocean provinces and seafloor features. As you move though a province or pass a major feature, explain its characteristics and origin. If the feature is tectonic in nature, explain the tectonic processes at work that created it.

Question 2

Choose one example from each of the four (total four examples) major categories of ocean sediment (i.e. biogenous.) Then describe the submarine environment where it would likely be found and why it would be found there and the factors influencing its presence and abundance.

Question 3

Explain the unique aspects of the water molecule and of water as it pertains to the planet Earth. Then review the physical variations of water across the globe and with depth, and explain those variations.

Question 4

Select and describe at least four examples of how the atmosphere influences the oceans. Be certain to explicitly describe mechanisms of the atmospheric phenomena you chose. Then, explain how the ocean responds by influencing the atmosphere and the earth system as a whole.

Question 5

List and describe the major mechanisms of ocean circulation, and what factors influence that circulation. Specifically include both horizontal and vertical aspects of the circulation.


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