Of all of the eras and areas of ancient world history studied this semester, which time in history would you have most liked to live in? Please be specific with your rationale

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*List of the eras* **please be Specific with rational**

1.From Human Pre-History to the Rise of Agriculture

2.Early Civilizations 3500 – 1000 B.C.E.

3.Nomadic Societies

4.Classical Civilization: China

5. Classical Civilization: India

6.Classical Civilization in the Mediterranean and Middle East: Presia, Greece, and Rome

7.The Classical Period: Directions, Diversities, and Decline by 500 C.E.

8.The Rise of Islam: Civilization in the Middle East

9.India and Southeast Asia Under the Impact of Islam

10.Africa and Islam

11.East European Civilization: Byzantium and Russia

12.Western Civilization: The Middle Ages

13. China’s Impact and the Spread of East Asian Civilization

14.Centers of Civilization in the Americas

15.The Mongol Interlude and the End of the Postclassical Period.

***Please no more than one of half a page. Be specific with you rational***


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