Officer Recruitment and Selection Presentation

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Select a law enforcement agency in which you are interested.

Locate officer-recruitment and selection-process information on your

selected agency.

Create a 5-slide presentation in which you describe the recruitment and

selection process of the agency you selected. Include the following in

your presentation:

•Describe elements associated with the police recruitment and

selection process at the agency.

•Explain the policing culture within your chosen agency.

•Identify the major components of the training process and the career

development programs for officers who work at the agency.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. You must

cite three secondary sources of research.

Note: Each student must present for at least 3-5 minutes each and use

no more than 5 slides. You will be penalized for going over or under

your allotted time. You can use only one video no longer than 2 minutes

(does not count toward time) Opening and closing remarks are not

recognized representation annotations.z

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