one page response to a lawsuit

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Assume you are legal counsel for Ryan Strasser and you draft an

agreement a contract between him and his art student fiancée Sarah Jones

Dicken regarding what were to happen to the 4-carat engagement ring that

cost about $100,000.

The contract provides as follows:

In exchange for Ryan Strasser marrying Sarah Jones Dicken, Ryan Strasser hereby agrees that he

has provided Sarah Jones Dicken a 4-carat engagement ring. In the event that either party decides

to terminate the engagement and not get married, the ring will be immediately sold and the proceeds

divided equally between Ryan Strasser and Sarah Jones Dicken.

X Ryan Strasser X Sarah Jones Dicken

Who says romance is dead? However, is this agreement enforceable by a

court using the four elements of contract validity: agreement, consideration,

capacity, and legality? Separately explain (in four paragraphs) how each

element of a valid contact (agreement, consideration, capacity, and legality)

has been either fulfilled or not fulfilled by the provisions of the above


The paper needs to be no longer than one page.

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