only follow all the requirements 1

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We are writing about: The ethics issue that I want to discuss is kickbacks and unearned fees in Real Estate as a real estate agent.

I have attached a PDF that goes into detail about some of the things you can discuss.

Please use terms relating to this subject from this book and use it as a reference as well!! Thank you!!!:

Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell (2018). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases (12th ed.). Mason,OH: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1337670340


Identify and analyze specific ethical problem in your current or past organization. Choose a different ethical problem from the one you chose for Mini-Paper #1. Pick a problem of manageable size. The nature of the ethical problem is up to you but make sure there is an ethical component to the problem since you will be analyzing it. Remember, this is an application exercise not a history lesson or presentation of abstract course material.

This is a mini-paper, which means it should be only 3-5 pages long (12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced). Brief does not mean superficial. You will have to think carefully to best use the concepts from the course to help you answer the questions. Make sure you consult the grading rubric as you prepare your mini-paper and prior to submission. The grading rubric will be used to grade your mini-paper.

In narrative form, address the following areas:

  • What is the nature of the ethical breakdown?
  • What about do you question ethically?
  • What about the situation do you find acceptable?
  • How common is this problem?
  • What guidance does the organization provide?
  • What action would you recommend?

APA guidelines are required. It is strongly suggested that you use these questions as sub-headings in your mini-paper to ensure you address each area and that the instructor can locate specific material expected to address each of the questions.

Some suggested resources to help with APA:

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