only use the readings, reflections paper and the discussions answer. I will attach them

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I need it in 15 hours. I will pay 15 dollars and if I get an A, I will pay more 10 dollars. I want it in 12 hours. DO NOT USE ANY RESOURCE BESIDE THE READINGS. ONLY USE THE READINGS AND THE DISCUSSIONS’ ANWERS AND THE REFLECTION PAPER> PLEASE READ THEM, THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO THE ASSIGNMENT. it is may 9 files of readings and 4 reflection and 8 dissections answer

the instructions:

Purpose: The purpose of this final assignment is to reflect on your growth throughout the course, reflect on group dynamics in our space, to create a plan to use learned content from the course in your future. Please work to be as detailed as possible in your responses.

Number of points worth: 40 points

Requirements: Assignment must be at least 3 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman font, with 1″ margins, cover page, and answer each of the following questions (reference reflection paper formatting). Students should refer to textbook readings for proper terminology and resources for relevant content.

4 Areas to equally include for maximum credit:

  • Class Content (10 points)
  • Community (10 points)
  • Areas for growth/goals (10 points)
  • Format: Met paper requirements/presentation of paper (pages, spelling, grammar, flow of ideas, depth of ideas, references, etc.) (10 points)
  • Class Content (10 points)
    • Critical Thinking: Correctly use terms throughout your essay from the class to demonstrate your ability to analyze social environment.
    • In your own words, what does social justice mean to you after taking this course?
    • How has this class impacted the 2 or 3 most salient identities that you identified at the beginning of the semester? Or if other identities been more significantly impacted, how have they changed?
      • Cognitively, Affectively, and Behaviorally?
    • What was the most challenging topic/identity discussed during the course?
      • What do you remember about the experience?
      • How did you handle it (actions, behavior, exploration)?
      • What knowledge, skills, and/or awareness did you gain from the experience?
    • What does “community” mean to you after taking this class?
    • What was the most difficult part of being in the class (community/”the village”) for you?
      • How did you navigate this difficulty?
    • What have you learned about creating community…from this class?
      • What skills can you take from the class community/”the village” and use when engaging others or creating community/villages in the future?
    • What has being a member of the class (community/”the village”) taught you about yourself?
    • What has being a member of class (community/”the village”) taught you about others?
    • What has being a member of class (community/”the village”) taught you about society?
    • Please list at least 2 social identities discussed in the course and details learning activities or new experiences you can engage in to continue learning about these identities.
      • How will you assess your growth/learning about these identities?
    • Please describe a short-term plan (now-6 months) for how you can best use the information from this course to challenge oppression. This plan should be specific, detailed, and realistic.
  • Community (10 points)
  • Areas for growth/goals (10 points)
  • Format (10 points)
  • Met paper requirements/presentation of paper (pages, spelling, grammar, flow of ideas, depth of ideas, references, etc.)

Suggested Strategy for Final Paper

Topics Covered in Class

  • Diversity/Social Justice
  • Conceptual Frameworks:
  • Human Behavior – Oppression, Socialization, and Speciesism
  • Gender Issues/Sexism
  • Social Class/Classism
  • Race/Ethnicity/Racism (White Supremacy)
  • LGBTQ: Heterosexism/Trans Oppression
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Immigration/Refugees
  • Ability Status
  • Social Activism

The Cube

Terms from Class: Oppression (Individual, Social/Cultural, Individual), Privilege, Socialization, Unconscious (attitudes, beliefs, behaviors), Conscious (attitudes, beliefs, behaviors)

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