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Write a research essay on any one of the following questions or topics that you like.

The essay should be 8 pages long, and include at least 10 sources (books, journals, government reports/documents).

Please make sure you are able to write with strong grammar/sentence structure because this is a masters degree research and writing level is the most crucial aspact besides the content (do not bid if you cannot meet this requirement).

Make sure to use at least 2 or 3 quotes and/or paraphrases from each source to back up the research and the sources are not used once.

Essay Questions/Topics:

1- Is aboriginal self-government feasible?

2- Should Quebec be constitutionally recognized as a distinct society?

3-Do interest groups constitute a threat to democracy?

4- Why has class-based voting in Canada been relatively weak?

5- Should Canadian electoral method be reformed?

6- What are the explanations behind the under-representation of women in political institutions (particularly the House of Commons) and what are the ways in which their representation can be enhanced?

7- Does judicial review advance the cause of democracy in Canada?

8- Should Senate be reformed?

9-is decentralization compatible with maintaining Canadian national unity?

10- To what extent has neo-liberal motivated force of welfare state restructuring affected social citizenship in Canada?

11- Should party discipline be relaxed?

12-To what extent has economic and political integration in North America been advanced by the Continental treaties such as the FTA and NAFTA?

13- why has there been a progressive decline in voting?

14-are political parties on decline?

15- Should the power of Prime Minister be limited?

16- is Canadian political culture converging towards its American counterpart?

17- Has multiculturalism contributed to the enhancement of Canadian national unity?

18- Has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms enhanced national unity?

19- Should Equalization payments be eliminated?

20- Has Canada ascended to the status of an imperial power or has it remained a dependent state?

21- Is there a democratic deficit in Canada?

22- Does supreme court of Canada need reforms?

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