option 1 table creation northwind data warehouse

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Please, reference the previous work so you know what to do next. I have attached it to the question

Option #1: Table Creation – Northwind Data Warehouse

Using the star schema developed in Portfolio Milestone 1 – Option 1 in Module 3 and incorporating your instructor’s feedback, develop and execute the SQL commands to create the tables, define the variables and their attributes, and apply the constraints to your fact and dimension tables.

Your deliverable for this Portfolio Milestone is a report containing the following information:

  • Changes to your business process, business questions, and fact table grain from Module 3
  • Updated version of the star schema incorporating your instructor’s feedback
  • Screenshot of fact and dimension tables
  • Listing of SQL commands

Your paper should be three to five pages in length, organized and well-written, and in conformity with CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA


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