Oracle SQL

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Use your common sense on these. Show the SQL query. DO NOT provide IDs in the final answer; all answers should be meaningful. Be careful; a movie can have more than one star.

1. Which movies’ show times are longer than “I Know What You Did.” but shorter than “Wonton Soup”?

2. What are the full addresses of all movie theatres in California?

Hints: you need to use NVL() function. Please read Oracle document for its usage.

3. What are movie titles that start with letter ‘T’ and are released between 2000 and 2005?

4. How many theatres are in New York or Connecticut?

5. How many movie people are not actors?

6. Find all actors whose last name contains an ‘a’ in the second position or first name ends with an ‘a’.

7. Find all theatres whose names have the pattern of ‘name Theatre’ (e.g. ‘Worst Theatre’ where ‘Worst’ is the name), and extract the name (e.g. Worst).

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