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1. Organized Crime” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, analyze the primary manner in which organized crime may impact all areas in our lives. Next, based on the text, specify the main ways in which the government uses Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute (CCE) to combat global organized financial crimes like drug trafficking. Provide one (1) example of the use of RICO and CCE to support your response. Per the text, money laundering has been called the world’s third largest business. Discuss the overall impact that money laundering has had on the world’s financial systems. Next, give your opinion of whether or not the laws in place to combat such crime are efficient. Justify your response.

2. Cleaning Up Gangs”

  • Focused deterrence strategies attempt to increase punishment risks faced by violent gangs through the development of new and creative ways of deploying traditional and non-traditional law enforcement tools. In addition to increasing the swiftness and certainty of sanctions, these strategies explicitly communicate incentives and disincentives to deter likely gang offenders from violent behavior. Using your textbook and the main points illustrated in Chapter 10, imagine you are a counselor helping an active gang member negotiate his or her way out of a serious gang. State four (4) pieces of advice you would offer the gang member then provide three (3) methods you would use to insure the gang member doesn’t resort back to gang activities. Of the methods you stated which method do you believe would yield the most success? Justify your response. Use the Internet, your textbook, or Stayer databases to research law enforcement suppression. Based on your research, describe three (3) interesting points you learned about law enforcement suppression. Next, suggest three (3) ways that law enforcement suppression is sometimes effective when integrated with gang programs. Which method of law enforcement suppression do you believe is most effective? Provide support for your response.

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