our dynamic earth exam 1

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This exam will have 50 questions and is worth 150 points (15% of your final grade). This exam will be timed. You will have 70 minutes to complete the exam. (Must A )

Once you start the exam, you will have 70 minutes to complete the questions and click on the “Submit all and Finish” button at the end of the exam. The time you have remaining to submit the exam will be shown at all times on the right hand side of the screen. The timer will continue to run, even if you leave the exam after entering, so be sure you are ready to begin before you enter. Exiting the exam will not stop the timer.

Once you reach the end of the exam, click the “Next” button. You will see a review page of your answers. When you feel confident that you have entered your answers correctly, click the “Submit all and finish” button at the bottom of the exam screen. Once you have clicked the “Submit all and finish” button, you have officially handed in your exam to me and you will not be able to make edits after that point for any reason.

Much like when you hand in your exam in the classroom, your exam grades will not be immediately available for this exam. Exam grades will become available the day after the Exam closes for everyone. I’ll send an email out to everyone when the exam grades become available.

Note: Once you actually start the exam, you cannot back out of taking it. The timer will run whether you are logged into iLearn or not, so make sure you are ready to begin before you click the link below!


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