Painting and Ad analisys + compression

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Please find attached a chapter that has design principles , a picture of a painting, and a picture of an Ad(I included 2 painting and 2 Ads, choose only one of each).. this is a description of the assignment:

analyze them both
from a graphic design and visual composition perspective. The premise of your
art analysis is that an art masterpiece should express good design and visual
composition principles. Your task here is to demonstrate that that is true.
You can choose a print ad that reflects good design principles or, your print ad may be one that is simply a bad ad (i.e., it does not follow good design principles).Your task here is twofold: (1) To analyze your ad from a design perspective, (i.e., what works and what doesn’t work) and (2) to then compare your ad to your masterpiece of art. So, your paper should have parts: (1) Art masterpiece analysis, (2) print ad analysis, (3) comparison of ad to art. When you compare your print ad to your art masterpiece, what insights do you have about both art and ads?

Conclude your paper with a short description of your experience of being at the Art Institute of Chicago.What did you like? what was so-so?

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