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First, watch this short video from Oklahoma State University Library’s “Inform Your Thinking” series. We’ll watch several videos from this series this week. When you’re done, respond to the following two questions.

1. How do you decide to trust what you hear in a conversation and how might those strategies apply to scholarly conversations?

2. How can you prepare yourself to feel confident entering a scholarly conversation on a topic that is new to you? What strategies can you use?

Respond to these questions in a Word or Google document that is formatted with standard margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, and double spaced. Response should be in paragraph form and at least 100 words.


This video from UCLA Libraries provides a great overview of how to get relevant search results from the kinds of databases available through the UNCG Libraries. In the video, they say you can check for the full-text version of an article in another database by clicking on a button that says “UC E-Links,” which is specific to University of California schools. Here at UNCG, just look for a link that says “Check for Full Text” or a PDF or HTML full text icon.

Finally, here’s a video that is specific to UNCG. It will walk you through using the catalog step-by-step.

Now that you’re done watching videos, put your skills to the test. Download this Word Document


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