People and organization 2 (change process)

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People and Organization II

Section 1

McDonald’s change process in the provision of food varieties has evolved over the years and is now consistent in its supply for over 100 countries with more than 40,000 outlets serving millions of clients daily. The fast-food giant came up with a new product launch to cater to the increasing number of people who do not eat meat. The stakeholders involved in the change process include the array of clients to be catered to, investors, suppliers, and community groups in general. New suppliers will be engaged in the process of food supply to make the ‘McPlant’. The change is relevant in the organization as it impacts the inclusiveness of customers, increased product scope, and increased revenue (Medne & Lapina,2019). This is a first-order change since it involves an ongoing process that can be reversed and is transformational as well as leads to the significant introduction of a new product at McDonald’s.

In the process of initiating change to bring in the ‘McPlant’ in McDonald’s, Kotter’s model of planning, implementation, and sustenance can play a key role in ensuring the change is made effectively. This way, McDonald’s can ensure that the situation had a sense of urgency, in that it was needed to cater to the needs of other clients. In terms of their preparation, McDonald’s should create a guiding coalition before initiating the process. The next step is to create a strategic vision for the goal followed by initiating a change in communication and removing other barriers to change such as equipping adequate machinery and adding employees in the preparation for another food supply (Ballaro et al,2020). McDonald’s management should consider another step which is the creation of short-term wins to monitor the success rate of the new project. Change should also be a continuous process where the company can consistently put into the project and finally initiate the new project into functionality and meet the organizational culture.

Section 3

As an HR professional, I would contribute greatly to ensuring McDonald’s change process is met and that the organization can navigate easily through the whole process and that it is possible to introduce ‘McPlant’ to the market. This way, I could provide initial employee communication concerning the need and plan for change among McDonald’s employees and engaging training programs to initiate the process. Consequently, the two steps would impact a successful shift in the process of introducing a vegan meal to serve the intended population.


Process change within an organization involves several stakeholders which impacts a clear understanding of the whole process and what is needed to meet the end goal. In one way or another, an expectation of what is needed to initiate the change can be done through applying the eight stages of Kotter to plan, implement and sustain change by itself as McDonald’s plans to introduce McPlant into its product portfolio. As an HR professional, I would help the company achieve its plans by initiating communication about the change to the employees and setting aside time for training concerning the same. This guarantees success in the introduction of the new product by McDonald’s to serve a wider population and increase its revenues.


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