people enact purification and forgiveness rituals psychology homework help

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Please find 2 quotes/topics from each chapter and describe why they stand out to you and your thoughts.

chapter A

in many places, people enact purification and forgiveness rituals. Talking to friends, enjoying, children, and creating art are ways of healing that have been used for millenniums. Laughter is a part of many healing systems. there is an Iraqi saying, three things are calming- grass, water, and the face of a beautiful woman” . Bosnians say, there is a bond between the heart and grass.”

Traditional healers and customs work because they are believed to work. Almost all mental health cures involve placebo affects. in therapy people improve partly because they expect to improve. they count on what a Vietnamese boy I met at a high school described as , they beauty and mystery of hope.”

chapter B

you are being too hard on yourself. Missing an important theme in a discussion is not an irreparable mistake. important material circulates over and over. you will catch it next time

in the ideal case , a client comes in with a problem and the therapist and the client develop a respectful, caring relationship. they solve the immediate problem and perhaps explore other aspects of the client’s life. then the client terminates with an evaluation with an evaluation of the therapy and feedback for the therapist on what was helpful.

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