People, Places, and Environment paper

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In the final part of the course the entire class will become a “Collaborative Think Tank.” What this means is that everyone will select a topic from the following list and prepare a brief (3 to 5 pages) essay.

  • Energy: S

    eeking alternatives for the present and future.

  • Water:

    Exploring dimensions of an indispensable resource.

  • Land and Food

    : The essentials to live an optimal human life.

  • Recycling:

    From local to global


  • Transportation:

    Moving people and goods from place to place.

·      C

ommunity Environmental Issues:

Development and redevelopment


We will have discussions on each of the topics (issues) and the structure will be to

facilitate student inquiry into the specific topic of your choice. Your participation

will rely on accumulated information and knowledge acquired from the preceding

four parts of the course. You should start by reviewing previous readings and

lectures that are relevant  to your topic. Next, read the essay in Part 5 of the Reader

(beginning on page 169) that is relevant to your chosen Think Tank topic. This will

give you a perspective on the issue. A modest amount of additional research will

follow. We will discuss the requirements of this assignment more fully on

April 13th .

In the end the Collaborative Think Tank will offer to each student a cumulative

learning experience to bring together a full comprehension of people, places, and


Outline for the Think Tank Essay

The essay must be between 3 and 5 pages of text and double-spaced. Use

the following outline as a guide as you structure your essay.

·      Title Page – consists of the title, your name, the course name, and the date of submission.

·      Focus of Essay – A brief statement that summarizes the subject of the essay and why it has been chosen.

·      Research and Analysis – The main discussion that incorporates materials used, interviews conducted, and your perspective on the topic.

·      Conclusion – A brief statement to answer the question, “what have I learned about my topic that relates to people, places, and environment?”

·      References –All references consulted should be appropriately cited and listed. Shorten your citations for electronic sources (i.e., Web sites or other information retrieved from the Internet) and give the date you accessed the information.

Make sure you have a subject or title rather than just a Web address.

Evaluating the Think Tank Essay

The essay will be evaluated using the following criteria:

·      Clarity of the focus of the essay.

·      Depth of research including the sources consulted and inclusion of any interviews undertaken.

·      Writing style that is easy to read and convincing to the reader.

·      References clearly cited.

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