Per Chapter 17 Problem 7 Systems Development and Program Changes, business and finance homework help

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Part 4 Executive Summary of Phased Company Analysis Project

Prepare an executive summary integrating the observations and findings of the previous three detailed project reports (accounting analysis, ratio analysis, and credit analysis).

Combine Executive Summary With the Three Previous Assignments:

After the Executive Summary is completed, add the other three sections (Accounting Analysis, Ratio Analysis, and Credit Analysis) to complete the comprehensive report.

Writing Instructions:

The Executive Summary should be two to three pages in length, double spaced, and should employ APA style and format for reference citations. New material is not normally introduced in the Executive Summary.

Completeness of analysis:

The analysis must demonstrate understanding of the three previous reports including the accounting analysis, ratio analysis and the credit analysis.


The Executive Summary should be well-organized and follow a traditional pattern of analysis and presentation


Papers should meet professional business standards and meet APA formatting requirements.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar:

There should not be errors in grammar and punctuation. All sentences must be complete and well-structured.

The three previous projects are attached.

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