Perform online research about producing podcasts

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perform online research about producing podcasts. You will then use that research to write a persuasive message with your recommendation.


Imagine that you are working for the small accounting firm CPAs R Us, and your boss, Bradford Trask, wonders whether your company could produce podcasts for its clients without professional help. Neither of you knows how podcasting really works, nor what resources or costs would be required. However, he has read about the benefits of providing advice or sending promotional messages to customers who can download them from the company website or subscribe to them in a podcast directory. Do you think your company should create these messages in-house?


  1. If you haven’t already, complete the Writing Workshop: Persuasive Message (Assigned Readings & Preparation Activities).
  2. Consider your accounting firm’s needs and its audience. To make the right suggestion, you need to look online for information. Find out what kind of equipment is needed to produce quality podcasts. Discover what costs are involved and what kind of time is needed to create them. Make a determination as to whether your company should create the podcast messages in-house. Comment on whether the communication channel is effective or ineffective and whether or not it is a persuasive way to promote your product.
  3. Using that knowledge, write a memo addressed to Bradford Trask to send along with a brief e-mail cover message. In your memo, make sure to do the following:
    • Argue for or against creating podcasts in-house.
    • Use evidence to back up your argument.
    • Also discuss how your firm could best use podcasts.
    • Comment on how effective the communication channel is and how that makes it a persuasive way to promote your product.
  4. Describe the process you used, and what best practices you applied in writing the memo.

apa format

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