Personal Best Leadership Project Part 5 Action Plan business and finance homework help

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Through reading about and analyzing leadership styles, experiences, successes, failures, and words of advice, you have begun to formulate ideas about how you can develop your own leadership style. You are beginning to enhance your knowledge about leadership and to increase your insight into professionalism through life-long learning.

In this final part of our project, you will prepare a summary of your self-analysis and your action plan for the future. Your self-analysis and action plan should consist of approximately 2 – 3 pages and will include the following points:

  • Self-Analysis Summary
    • From a leadership perspective, create a summary of what you learned about yourself through the Explain how you saw yourself from a leadership perspective at the beginning of this project.
    • Summarize the results of the survey that your chosen individual completed about you. (Refer to Part 1.) How do others see you?
    • How do you now see yourself? Compare and contrast your view with how others see you.
    • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Action Plan for the Future
    • Identify areas for self-development and improvement by creating an action plan for the future. Include the steps you can take for self-development.
    • Include a time line for this plan. (Plans mean nothing unless time is defined.)
    • Suggestion: Your plan might encompass three areas (examples given).
      • Experience – Keep a journal.
      • Education – Take a certain workshop or class; select certain books to read.
      • Relationships – Acquire a mentor.
    • Describe how you will see yourself after meeting your action plan. What will be your legacy?
    • Imagine it is five years from now and you are attending a dinner party given to honor you as “The Leader of the Year.” One by one, your coworkers and your family talk about your contributions to them, to the organization and to the community. What do you think they will say about you?

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