Photograph Questions(Please Answer Each Questions)

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Fig. 1. Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego Bruno on a promotional tour in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on June, 25, 2009.


  • Look closely at the photograph provided above and view the YouTube clip at: (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。
  • Answer the questions below in list format.
  • Format your submission exactly like the assignment description (i.e. Part A – 1,2,3 etc).
  • Use all the required photo terminology provided below in your analysis. Highlight or bold the photo terms used in your analysis.
  • Include the name you are registered under AND the name you prefer to go by at the top of each assignment submission

1. Describe just what you see in the photograph (not what you think the photograph is about). List details:

2. Describe the photograph using the following terms and Highlight or bold each term

  • angle
  • contrast
  • foreground
  • middleground
  • background
  • framing
  • cropping
  • symmetry/asymmetry

3. What do you think is the message of your photograph?


1. What is the purpose of the photograph itself (advertisement, news, etc.)? Who is intended to see it?

2. What and/or who are pictured in the photograph? List visual fact, not interpretation:

3. What is the ‘mood’ of the photograph? What do you see that makes you think so?

4. Does the photo show an event or use a symbol you recognize?

5. How does the composition help tell the story of the photograph?

6. Does this image show about the issues, values, beliefs, and everyday life of its present day culture?

7. What would you change about the photograph? Why? What might be another composition you would use to tell this story?


Angle – The direction and position from which the photographer takes the photograph.

Contrast – The relationship between the light and dark parts of a picture.

Foreground – The space in between the placement of all the elements included in a picture. Foreground is the space closest to the viewer and in front of the middleground and background

Middleground – The space in between the placement of all the elements included in a picture. Middleground is the space half the distance back, between the foreground and background.

Background – The space in between the placement of all the elements included in a picture. Background is the furthest space in the frame, behind the foreground and middleground.

Framing – The decision the photographer makes about what to include in the picture, look at the edges of the picture frame and what is included

Cropping – Photographs can also highlight a certain part of the scene, look at the edges of the picture frame and what might have been excluded or cropped from the picture

Symmetry/Asymmetry – The balance between the left and right sides of the picture. If the photograph has the same elements on each side, the picture is symmetrical. If it does not, it is asymmetrical.

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