Pick two stories below. Compare and analyze, writing homework help

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Write a 5 page essay. Start with a 1-paragraph to 1-page summary of the story. Then, go on to analyze the portrayal of the main character, and then specify why and how the story reflects the social-political condition of China in that era. A good example of this would be to cite a historical event or a cultural phenomenon you learned about in the reading and explain how it is referenced or demonstrated in the story. You also need to include the reason why you pick the story, which character has caught the most attention, will you recommend this story to others and why and etc.

In the review essay, you will have to include at least two citations from the stories of choice. Your choice of quotes from the story should associate with the theme of this course, “constructing the images of Modern China,” or the specified titles of your essay. You are encouraged to further establish your interpretation, criticism, and reflection on current events or life experience in comparison with the selected story. You are also encouraged to read and cite the sample book review posted in the relevant weekly section of our Blackboard course, or any other outside resources that are relevant to the story.

12. Chen Yingzhen (1936- ) Columbia Anthology “My Kid Brother Kangxiong”

13. Huang Chunming (1939- ) Columbia Anthology “The Fish”

14. Wang Zhenhe (1940-1990 ) Columbia Anthology “An Oxcart for a Dowry”

15. Chen Ruoxi (1938- ) Columbia Anthology “The Tunnel”

16. Wang Meng (1934- ) Columbia Anthology “Tales of New Cathay”

17. Li Rui (1950- ) Columbia Anthology “Electing a Thief”

18. Han Shaogong (1953- ) Columbia Anthology “The Leader’s Demise”

19. Gao Xingjian (1940-) Columbia Anthology “The Accident”

20. Liu Heng (1954- ) Columbia Anthology “Dogshit Food”

21. Mo Yan (1956- ) Columbia Anthology “IronChild”

22. Course Material “Man and Beast”

23. Yu Hua (1963- ) Columbia Anthology “On the Road at Eighteen”

24. Su Tong (1963- ) Columbia Anthology “Escape”


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