pjm 380 mod 5 option 2 agile project management methodologies 1

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Create an instructional primer as a guide to adopting Agile PM as the sanctioned practice for project management in your organization (or an organization of your choice).

Prepare a presentation containing 10-15 slides and include:

  • A description of the Agile PM
  • Rationale for adoption by your organization or the organization of your choice “AMAZON INC. (organization benefits and competitive advantage)
  • A detailed description of how the scrum methodology can be adopted in the organization and the tools and techniques needed to be used
  • Example projects and applicable sprints.

Be sure to organize your presentation file properly and include the following:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction
  • Body of your work with proper headings and subheadings matching the bullet items listed above
  • Conclusion
  • List of references.

Support your assignment with a minimum of three scholarly references.

I have to present this slide show, could you provide notes for speaking as well.


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