planning, controlling and recording

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The auditing guideline on ‘planning, controlling and recording’ contains the following statement with regard to working papers: ‘audit working papers should always be sufficiently complete and detailed to enable an experience auditor with no previous connection with the audit subsequently to ascertain from them what work was performed and to support the conclusions reached.’

a) Describe four benefits that the auditor will obtain from working papers that meet the above requirement.
b) If the auditor has discovered that a claim for damages is a significant item requiring exercise of judgement in the financial statements, show what type of evidence on the matter the auditor must record in the current file. Give reasons for the inclusion of such evidence in the current file.

c) List three types of information which is normally retained in the audit file and state why such information should be available for reference in the course of an audit.
d) Comment on the desirability of using standardised working papers and give an example of such working paper and its use.

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