please answer the following questions in 2 3 pages double spaced three cases study

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Questions for the FLA/WRC, Apple & H&M cases

Please answer the following questions in 2-3 pages double-spaced.

1) What are the differences in the FLA and WRC in terms of their approach to worker/labor rights? Give a brief critique of the two.

2) What are the challenges Apple faces as it addresses the CSR challenges in its supply chain?

3) Is Apple responsible for the alleged human rights violations that occurred? Explain your answer.

4) How should H&M respond to this catastrophe, if at all, and deal with the aftermath of the factory collapse?

5) How can H&M differentiate itself from the other fast fashion companies and prove that it takes social and environmental issues seriously while still remaining profitable?

6) Should H&M exit Bangladesh altogether to avoid the recurring controversies in the country? Or should it engage further with government officials and other stakeholders?

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