Please answer the following questions. Min of 200 words each

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1. Discuss the four sources of law as outlined in the text book. For each of these sources, give an example of how it might impact a health care organization-HCO? The four sources of law are constitutions, statutes, regulations, and common (i.e., judge-made) law.

2. Discuss the perspectives of professional autonomy, social contract, and free market and their impact on how a health care organization-HCO-might be organized. Take a position on which of the three would be best in organizing a HCO.

3. Discuss the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Discuss the key components of each. Discuss how accepting payment from each can impact a health care organization.

4. Specify at least two (2) examples of quality initiatives that could potentially reduce healthcare cost. Discuss how each of these could positively impact the quality of care in a health care organization.

5. Compare one of the foreign health care systems outlined in our text, or elsewhere, with the one we have in the United States. Discuss an element of the United States health care system that you think is better than the foreign one; and an element of the foreign health care system that you think is better than the one in the United States.

6. Review material in Chapter four of our text, and other sources, about the USA health care system. For a health care organization, discuss where there may be opportunities to reduce costs without reducing quality.

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