please answer these 5 questions in paragraphs information has to be from the reading attachments it has to be done by 10 45a m ets please be aware of that 1

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1. Present three key arguments for the use of torture and against the use of torture. Please discuss the types of interrogation tactics America uses and your opinion on each one. What is your final position on the topic and why?

(McCain and Krauthammer Torture Debate.pdf)

2. Why has Gitmo been such a polarizing topic both internationally and domestically? Please discuss the three types of prisoners in Gitmo. Why did President Obama had a difficult time fulfilling his campaign promise to close down the detention facility? What is President Trump’s position on it? Do you believe closing it down should be a priority for America?



Obama’s Guantanamo Is Never Going To Close, So Everyone Might As Well Get Comfortable | HuffPost

3. How does the NSA domestic surveillance program work? What laws allow the government to conduct the program? What can the government collect and how can they do it? Do you believe that the program makes Americans safer?…

N.S.A. Triples Collection of Data From U.S. Phone Companies – The New York Times

Americans’ views about privacy, surveillance and data-sharing | Pew Research Center……

4.Please discuss the normal stages that developing a vaccine goes through and how companie and countries are trying to speed up this process. Who should be the first to receive the vaccine when it goes on the market and should everyone eventually be required to have the vaccine to achieve herd immunity?……………

5.What is immunology and what are some of the challenging questions using it to fight the current COVID pandemic?…………

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