please be fluent in communication 3

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Watch the Week 6 Cheddar Chat Video and then do the following:

For your initial post in the Week 6 Cheddar Chat, think about this week’s Live Lesson and then respond to the following questions: What keywords will you associate with your personal brand on LinkedIn and why? Have you met anyone interesting or gotten any new opportunities on LinkedIn or another social media platform? Have you created or will you create a business page on LinkedIn and how can or does it help your business? To complete the Week 6 Cheddar Chat, comment beneath the Week 6 Cheddar Chat video on Facebook

Your initial post should be at least 2 paragraphs in length or one to three minutes if you choose to respond by video instead, and should be posted by Wednesday midnight. Be sure to comment on the posts of two of your peers as well (due by Sunday midnight, but the earlier the better to keep the conversation going). Feel free to make your posts by video this week as always. Let’s get the conversation started. Good luck.

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