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This is just a a discussion question that needs at least 200 words minimum

Well before Lucy arose, something was afoot in Africa. There were no bipedal primates before 7 mya and by Lucy’s time, there was a well-established, successful bipedal primate. We know this from the bones.

SO, your job is to discuss and tell how this happened, showing that you thoroughly understand Hardy-Weinberg.

What happened first? (What had to happen first?) What happened next? Which of the 5 variables were out of equilibrium? Be very specific.

A bipedal primate evolved, so we know evolution was occurring. How did this happen?

I’m going to try and let you all figure this out as the thread goes on – more points for posting earlier and being an actual part of the discussion. Do not write posts to each other that amount to Good Post! Instead, ask questions and say what the other person’s post made you think of. There’s a LOT to say here. This is usually a question on the midterm, I made it a bit easier by making it a group project. People who contribute first and more to the overall answer will get more points.

More points for focusing on causation. I’ll be coming in to try and guide you toward that topic. Use your Hardy-Weinberg knowledge, try to use your imagination about what it would be like with the climate changing, trees disappearing, grasslands arising, and then…a new kind of primate takes hold and is quite successful (evolves quickly). What must have been happening (use H-W to figure it out! All those variables had to be out of equilibrium – and in more than one way per variable).

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