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Your client, Mary Jones, has come into the office after a car accident. The client admits to putting on mascara as she was driving because she was late to work. You are to prepare a memo to your supervising attorney, Jane Doe, outlining what Mary might recover in the case. Mary has $100,000 in damages. You are thinking Mary might be 20 percent at fault in this case.


Using Lexis Advance, research Li v. Yellow Cab Company out of California.

Including Li v. Yellow Cab Company out of California in your memo, outline what Mary could receive under contributory negligence and under comparative negligence. (( IS ATTACHED BELOW))

Also, include in the memo the collateral source rule and subrogation information.

Formatting a Memo

Your memo needs to be 2-3 pages using double spacing.

The sections of a legal memorandum are:

  • Heading or Caption that includes To, From, Date, and Re.
  • Facts
  • Issue(s) Presented
  • Answer to Issue
  • Reasoning or Discussion
  • Conclusion

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