please read carefully below

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This is an essay base on the article i will attach below. I will send you the article to read over first and when you done let me know and i will send the question over. Once i send the question you only have 100 minnutes to write an essay. PLEASE READ MY INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY AND ACCEPT WHEN YOU CAN.

  1. You should take about 10 minutes to think about the exam items and instructions. During that time, you may make notes, brainstorm, and free-write on scratch paper.
  2. Use the remaining 90 minutes to write your responses and proofread. Please print as legibly as possible, and double-space the lines to leave room for comments.
  3. To receive a top grade on this examination, your written responses should:
  • Demonstrate your ability to critically analyze research
  • Be objective and not include personal experiences
  • Demonstrate your ability to use APA style in-text citations
  • Be written in clear, grammatically correct English (e.g., full sentences and paragraphs, no bulleted lists)
  • Clearly write your APA reference at the end of your final exam

Your performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • How well you demonstrate your ability to critically analyze the article
  • How thoroughly you address the items, and follow instructions
  • Appropriate use of APA style quotations and paraphrasing
  • Use of proper grammar and sentence structure

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