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 Please open the attached file. I would like for each question to be answered individually at least Three questions can fit on one page if needed. Each question should be answered as its own individual question in a complete paragraph (s) with references provided. 

Question 1

1. How does sociology contribute to the study of organizational behavior and organizational theory? 

2. Discuss the evolution of organizations and organizational sociology in the second half of the 20th century. 

3. What kinds of organizations are you a part of? Discuss the extent to which they fit the descriptions presented in this week’s course materials. 

Question 2

What does it mean to have a disorder? Discuss what it means for a child to have a psychological disorder, given the fact that what is abnormal remains challenging to define.

Question 3

To prepare for this portion of the dialog, the video 

The argument of Nature vs. Nurture is dead and long since gone with the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Science has now demonstrated that each of us is the product of BOTH our genetic makeup AND the environment in which we develop. Our genes, in turn, have been shaped over time by the process of evolution. After viewing the video, define “epigenetic” and “epitasis”, and give a unique example of each. Then discuss how nature, nurture and evolution affect the development of an individual and how researchers determine the relative influence of heredity and environment.

Question 4

Processes in perception.

After watching the two videos below, discuss the role of higher-level or “cognitive” processes in perception. Then describe a situation in which you initially thought you saw or heard something, but then realized that your initial perception was in error. What was the role of bottom-up and top-down processing in this process of first having an incorrect perception and then realizing what was actually there?

Support your belief and use specific examples. You may refer to your assigned Week 1 readings or draw on scholarly online resources. The latter must be academic in nature (e.g. from the APUS online library) and not from pop culture and/or commercial websites, blogs, opinion sites, etc.

Sensation and Perception: Crash Course Psychology #5

Cognition – How Your Mind Can Amaze and Betray You: Crash Course Psychology #15

Question 5

Describe Attachment and discuss the relationship between Attachment and Psychological Development in childhood. Why is it important? What happens if Attachment does not securely develop?

Question 6

When I was in Elementary School I wish I had known _________ and I wish my parents had known ___________.

When I was in Middle School I wish I had known ________ and I wish my parents had known __________. Support your ideas with either theory or research.

at what age do you think parents should start talking to their kids about sex. Please explain why you feel that way.

Question 7

Discuss why knowledge of research methods is valuable as a consumer of research. As well as, discuss what it means to be a consumer of scholarly research, as opposed to conducting actual research? 

Question 8

1) Describe what exigent circumstances mean and provide at least 2 examples of when this could apply.

2) Find a state supreme court case from your home state involving exigent circumstances. Summarize the case and whether or not the state ruled in favor of the police or the defendant. Provide the link to the website.

Question 9

Choose a current or recent professional or college athletic program that is experiencing negative publicity. What type of media coverage are they experiencing? What is the impact of that media coverage? What suggestions would you provide the organization to address negative opinions as well as to build positive perceptions among consumers? What public relations strategies should this organization employ to potentially improve their image?

Question 10

Consider changes over time for women, different levels of socioeconomic status, race, and athletes with disabilities in sport.  Answer three of the six questions below:

1. What changes have you noticed for women in sport?

2. How does socioeconomic status impact sport opportunities?

3. How does race still impact contemporary sport?

4. What challenges and opportunities relate to athletes with disabilities?

5. Where does power lie in sports?

6. Evaluate the impact of power in society on sport opportunities and barriers for various groups. 

Question 11

Select a technological innovation in which you have an interest. From an adoption perspective, assess the innovation using the five key determinants listed below in the adoption of disruptive innovation as described by
The Diffusion of Innovations, (Rogers, E. 1983).

1. Relative advantage of using the innovation

2. Compatibility with the values, beliefs, and goals of the organization

3. Complexity of the innovation in use

4. Trial-ability as reflected by opportunities to test the innovation

5. Observability of the innovation to deliver its stated objective

Question 12

human sexuality involves the interrelationship of a person’s biological, psychological, and sociocultural characteristics (e.g. the three dimensions of human sexuality). Evaluate each of the dimensions according to their significance in your life. Based on the experiences you noted in your Autobiography Matrix, what was the course of most of your information about sexuality as you grew up? How did your experiences with parents, teachers, and peers influence your views of sexuality today?

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