please write a 150 word peer response for answer 1 and another 150 word peer response for answer 2 4

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Answer 1

Unethical choices in sports like consuming performance enhancing drugs (PED) not only helps to enhance the performance of users, but it also provides unfair advantages to user over the other players who comply the game rule by maintaining ethics of game. Major league baseball found scandal where some baseball player illegally took PED for enhancing capabilities of their performance (ESPN, 2012). Big number of spectators attend the major leagues to enjoy the performance capability of athletes and the healthy competitions between the players. But when some players takes unfair advantages, it not only effect to the other players, but it also hamper the expectations of the audiences.

Players using steroids, PED illegally in MLB, got suspensions and few of them also banned for long times. Unethical choices also hamper the mentality of the player who comply game ethically, because after performing their best potential, they can’t get that position of applause where a player can reach easily by taking performance boost drugs. That’s why to keep the level of game maintained sport authorities test the players before game starts and banned players who found guilty (Matten, Crane, Spence, & Glozer, 2019). To keep the sports morality high to the players and the spectators the game should force law and punishment for player as they do not choose any unethical choices for getting unfair advantages from others. Controlled monitoring of the game and strict regulation would assist the players to focus on their own strength and execute the regular processes (ESPN, 2012). The players also need to address the ethical concern in the context of gameplay.


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Answer 2

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the popular leagues in the history of basketball to have come under the scanner of doping. The major way it affected the players was it showed the unethical behavior of the players. Ethical boundaries need to be set for everyone so that nobody has unfair advantage to it. The case study reveals the details of the fact that such practices still exists and hence precautions need to be taken in order to prevent them from happening in the future.

Ethical behavior and practices would be one of the important and vital factors to be considered in an business organization. If unethical practices are being followed then the entire organization would need to suffer. The penalties for consumption of steroids could be severe such as it would include a ban ranging from a year to a lifetime ban depending on the act performed for the first time or for the subsequent times.

Consuming drugs in order to gain competitive advantage over other players would be unethical and would be against the laws of any sporting event. Consumption of steroids or drugs would result in players ruining their own careers. Steroids in general would have an unhealthy effect on a sports individuals. The game of sports would not be fair especially when one is consuming Steroids in order to win a match or a championship. Various sport events now-involve a pre-screening drug test in order to avoid players from consuming steroids. One of the major breakdown of the drug racket was the MLB league as the players used Performance Enhance Drugs( PDE’s).

In my opinion even though well-performing players are performing well when taking steroids would be against the laws of the game. Players fall in traps for easy-success by taking steroids and hence are overruling their own success


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