Poetry Paper

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This assignment is:

— To be done individually

— Is to be handed in as a Word file

Choose one of the following poems (available in Poetry doc):


“Autumn Begins in Martin’s Ferry Ohio”

“A Work of Artifice”

Poetic Features

— At least 5 Poetic Features
— In order of importance to the poem
— Accurately named, and examples given for each poetic feature mentioned
— Points out any “new” features discovered by the group that are not mentioned in the Poetic Features Document

Speaker & Tone

— Says as much as possible about the Speaker; gives logical textual proof for the description
–Uses clear adjectives to describe the Speaker’s attitude (tone)
— Uses language from the poem to show why the chosen adjectives accurately describe the tone of the poem


— Synthesizes the information given in Part 1 and Part 2 to create a clear and accurate interpretation of the intended theme and purpose of the assigned poem. The more “connections that can be made and supported logically, the better. To get full credit for this section, the majority of the language of the poem needs to be used to create and support your interpretation.


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