Portable Gaming

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Observe people playing on their smartphones and portable gaming consoles during the course of a day. What kind of games are they (or you) playing, and what kinds of features and characteristics does each have in common? Write a paper or create a comic or infographic on what you can deduce about the repercussions of the advent of mobile gaming and its impact on the portable gaming market.

This should be a 500-word paper, 18-panel comic, or 10-point infographic. Neatness, organization, and presentation will be counted, as well as spelling and grammar. Make sure to place a header at the top of your paper that includes your name, the class name and designation, the module number, the name of the assignment, and the date.


To research and interpret the effect of mobile gaming on the handheld gaming market.


Word-processing or design software

Due Date

This assignment is due by the end of this module.

Submission Directions

Submit your paper in DOC, DOCX, or PDF format. Use the following naming convention for this and future files:

  • GAM131_OL#_Assignment (Module#)_FirstinitialLastname
  • Example: GAM131_OL01_Assignment12_MKrefting

Upload your file as an attachment to the assignment topic by attaching the file to a post and clicking the Submit button.


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