practical connection 4

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Natural disaster presents a risk to the information system. We must continue to take every precaution to ensure or critical data remains confidential, the integrity of both data and information system remains intact, and is available to authorize internal and external users.

In your role as security personnel, you are responsible to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the organization’s critical data and information systems.

With this role in mind, visit the national oceanic and atmospheric administration’s website (NOAA) Review and select one national disaster that occurred in 2019.

Use the Hogan Memorial Library resources for further research. For this assignment, you will need to have at least 3 supporting scholastic articles. Yes, this is in addition to any Internet reference you may use.


With your role and organization in mind, prepare a two to five pages (APA format) proposal on how you will help the organization prepare a “Crisis Information Management System” for such a disaster. In your paper address the following:

  1. Define Crisis Information Management System
  2. Discuss the importance of an effective information management system during a crisis.
  3. Identify and present at least three technologies that underlie the communication system during a disaster.


All written assignments must be written in APA format and supported with at least three scholastic documents (refer to the APA folder in week one). All responses must reflect your identified industry.

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