prior to beginning work on this discussion read dunkin donuts links to an external site and general electrics links to an external site most recent annual reports 20xx from each company s website using the most current annual reports or form 10

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1- Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Dunkin Donuts’ (Links to an external site.) and General Electrics’ (Links to an external site.) most recent Annual Reports 20XX from each company’s website. Using the most current Annual Reports or Form 10-K for Dunkin Donuts (DNKN) and General Electric (GE) in an initial post of 200 to 250 words:

  • Compute the accounts receivable as a percentage of revenue for each company showing your computations.
  • Explain which company appears to be making more of its sales on account.
  • Determine why one of these companies is making more of its sales on account than the other.

2- Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read’s most recent Annual Report

Go to, select the Investor Relations link near the bottom of the web page, then select Annual Reports, Proxies and Shareholders Letters, and open Amazon’s most recent annual report. Discuss in a minimum post of at least 200 to 250 words how Amazon’s use of capital leases to purchase property, plant & equipment (PPT) overstates its cash flow metrics, after reading “Notes 1 & 3 to Consolidated Financial Statements” in Amazon’ Consolidated Balance Sheet:

  • Note 1—Description of Business and Accounting Policies, and the two subsections titled “Property and Equipment, Net” and “Leases and Asset Retirement Obligations.”
  • Note 3—Property and Equipment

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