Prioritizing Budgets Role Play

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Discussion: Scenario: Carefully read, “Case Study: Bountiful Times of Alpha University.” The case study provides you with information about the university and the level of funding that is available. The recent budgetary turmoil at your institution has led to an increased focus on the budgetary process. You are also presented with several budget requests. Some of the requests are mandated while others are optional. Review the requests and determine which ones you will support in your role. Be sure to identify the mandatory requests that must be funded. Then, determine the funds that are available for other requests. Prioritize the remaining requests and recommend the requests that should be funded along with a written justification based on your role.

You will make a case that a person in your position within the college should have more input into the budgetary process. As you justify your budget requests, consider the following.

List the requests that are mandated and must be funded. Include the funds that are available after funding all of the mandatory requests. Create a list of your top five budget priorities and provide a strong rationale to support your list. From your list of priorities, summarize which requests can be funded. Remember to consider your role when addressing your funding requests.

Include a rationale for the benefits of including your role in the institution’s budget discussions. Be honest about concerns voiced regarding your role and the potential problems or challenges you would face during the budget process. Please be sure to include any benefits the administration, staff, faculty, and institution would gain from the person in your role having a greater presence during the budget process.

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