Problem Statement

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Problem Statement:

For this assignment students should present their
research/evaluation question. Your research question should be framed in the literature, which
should include evidence of why your question is important, how it fits the current
understanding of the topic, and how your study will add to the field. Your problem
statement should also include a brief (3-4 double spaced pages) literature review on the

Required Readings

Johnson, Gail. (2014). Research Methods for Public Administrators. 3rd edition.
Newton, Rae R. and Kjell Eric Rudestam. (2013). Your Statistical Consultant. 2
nd edition.
Pollock, Phillip H. (2016). An IBM SPSS Companion to Political Analysis. 5th edition.


  1. Describe the research process
  2. Distinguish between experimental and non-experimental research designs
  3. Describe the ethical issues associated with research.
  4. Develop the ability to research and communicate complex issues in writing.
  5. Interact effectively and demonstrate composure, professionalism, and respect for others.
  6. Communicate ideas professionally and effectively in class discussions.

What is Due?

  1. Problem Statement

Learning Activities

This week we consider experimental, quasi-experimental, and other non-experimental research designs. Both are intended to support causation and quantitatively assess program outcome and impacts. While experimental groups are often preferred in terms of scientific rigor and high levels of validity, it is not always possible to randomly assign or randomly allocate who participate in a program.

The Freakonomics podcast “Should you bribe your children?” explores the policy issue of children making healthy food choices. In this podcast, I want you to pay attention to the design of the researcher’s study. More specifically, pay attention to how the design is set up in their “experiment” to establish a causal link.

Read: Johnson Chapter 5

Review: lectures on Experimental Design, Quasiexperimental Design

Watch: the following videos to broaden and deepen your understanding of experimental, quasiexperimental and nonexperimental designs.

Direct Video Link: Quantitative Research Designs: Descriptive non-experimental, Quasi-experimental or Experimental? opens in new window (6:38)

Direct Video Link: True, Quasi, Pre, and Non Experimental designs opens in new window (8:05)

Research Proposal Topic
Research Topic: Access to Healthcare for the Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S.
Research questions
1. What are the barriers to the provision of
healthcare among undocumented immigrants in Texas State?
2. What is the nexus between the language barrier
and poor access to healthcare for refugee families in Texas?
Overview of Problem
The increasingly growing population of undocumented
immigrants in the U.S poses serious healthcare challenges. According to Beck et
al. (2017), at least 3.6% of the US population is made up of undocumented
immigrants totaling about 12 million. In the U.S, this group of people does not
qualify for healthcare insurance thereby presenting barriers to accessing
healthcare. In particular, the unaffordability of healthcare services across US
healthcare organizations imparts a significant financial and emotional burden
on undocumented immigrants. The high uninsured rates among undocumented immigrants
further restrict access to healthcare services as they are ineligible to
Medicaid and Medicare programs. Based on poor access to healthcare insurance,
many undocumented immigrants delay needed care and especially when it involves specialty
The U.S has not offered any significant
proposal for increasing coverage of healthcare services to undocumented immigrants.
In turn, the increasingly growing percentage of undocumented immigrants poses
serious threats to the overall health of U.S citizens if their access to healthcare
continues to face barriers. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has
appreciated the value of having comprehensive and functional healthcare systems
to curb potential community spreads of viruses. Thus, this paper seeks to
identify the barriers that affect access to healthcare services among
undocumented immigrants in the state of Texas. Through a focus on the refugee
population in Texas, the research study will explore the influence of the language
barrier in undermining access to healthcare services for this population.

Beck, T. L., Le, T. K., Henry-Okafor, Q., & Shah, M. K. (2017).
Medical care for undocumented immigrants: national and international issues. Primary
care: Clinics in office practice, 44(1), e1-e13.

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