profession investigation research memo

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The purpose of this assignment is to learn about a profession of interest to you— and to synthesize information about that position, gathered from multiple sources, into a 3-4 page memo. (Refer to memo format from earlier this semester.)

You are to research a career path/position that interests you. (I would advise you to think future. Think of this memo as a memo to yourself about how to achieve your future career.) You can also focus on a specific organization that you want to work for in the future. You will then create a 3-4 page memo that synthesizes your research. (This assignment is purposefully vague because the goal of this assignment is to illustrate that you can successfully organize research into a cohesive, well-written business communication document.)

Some areas to research (These are thoughts to get you going):

  • Discuss why you are interested in the specific position or specific company;
  • What are some suggested ways to reach this desired career path? For example, if you want to become a CFO, what did outside research/sources suggest for how to reach this executive position?
  • What does outside research state about a work-life balance relating to the current career you seek?
  • During your research, what were some of the challenges mentioned in relation to the position/company you desire to have?
  • How do you personally envision making it?
  • What is an expected salary for the desired position? What does research state in relation to annual merit increases, cost of living adjustments, performance bonuses?
  • What role does communication play in this position


  • 3-4 page memo format
  • 10 outside sources incorporated into your memo
  • APA Reference page and APA format
  • First person/informal voice is allowed

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