project network diagram 3

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Assignment Content

  1. Resource: Project Management, Ch. 6

    Prepare a 6 to 8-slide presentation
    with speaker notes that illustrates the
    Network Diagram concepts.

    Using the partial Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a Wedding listed on
    Chapter 6, Exercise 1, page 189, describe the following concepts in the context of the wedding plans.

    How are the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) related?·

  2. What is the purpose of the network diagram and the creation of the
    Forward and Backward pass?·

  3. Based on the Wedding WBS, identify the
    summary tasks. What is the implication of a summary task in terms of resources and time estimate when using MS Project?·

  4. Based on the Wedding WBS, which activities could be
    concurrent or parallel activities? What is the purpose of using parallel activities? Which ones need to be
    successor activities to 1.3.2 Hire Florist?·

  5. After creating a network diagram for the wedding, the project manager learns that “1.5.4 Decorate reception hall” will be finished on May 17 and it has zero float. What are the implications for the wedding plan timeline?·

  6. What does the
    critical path tell the project manager about a project?

    Submit your assignment.


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