Project the use of online programs

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This week, you have reviewed the challenge of leading contingent faculty and the use of digital modalities to deliver instruction to higher education students. Imagine you are the dean of a community college. The college offers a few of the courses in an online format. Pressure from students and the board has causes you to take a strategic look at whether to offer full degree programs through the online format. The faculty members are against the idea argue that the face-to-face instruction is superior to the online format. The students want the online offerings for convenience sake. The board members want the online format in order to grow the college and follow the current trends.

As part of your strategic planning efforts, choose one of the following decision-making methods to determine the direction you should take:

  • Table with Pros and Cons
  • Decision Tree
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Decision Matrix
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

After your analysis, draft a memo to the board and faculty members with the final decision regarding the implementation of fully online degree programs, or not. Justify your reasons based on the decision-making tool you used. Review the weekly resources for information on the decision-making models and drafting a memo.

Length: 3-6 pages, including your graphic creation

References: Support your work with a minimum of five scholarly resources referenced on a separate page at the end of your memorandum.

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