proposal and essay

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Project Three: Advanced Research Project – Discipline Project

Two Parts

The Proposal, 300 -700 and The Essay, 1500-2000 words

Advanced Research Project Interesting Research/Topic Suggests…

The Proposal

In a 300+ word essay, propose a course of action that you plan to take to complete the Research Essay assignment for this course. You will need, of course, to identify the topic/question/problem that you intend to investigate, to argue for the importance and interest of investigating this issue, and to identify the key issues for your professional audience within your major. The paradigm of research within your major is central to your proposal.

The Research-Based Argument Essay

Plan, draft, and revise a 1500+ word essay that draws from at least 12 varied, credible sources to investigate multiple looks at a debatable issue in your major field; based on your research and analysis, make a recommendation or argument to a professional audience in that field. Again, the paradigm of research within your major is central to your proposal. Additionally, the elements of argument from Project Two are central to this Argument Essay.

Unlike the variations possible within the “conversation” of Major Project Two, Project Three is a formal, scholarly paper in structure, style, research and effect. See class notes and class exercises. Approach this topic from within the terms and paradigm of your discipline/major.

Again, your essay should replicate the key features of academic or professional writing in your field that you have already identified and studied: your techniques, organization, questions, evidence, sources, style, and quality of citations should match the expectations of readers in your disciplinary audience.

This project will requires these components:

1) An Essay centered on at least twelve varied, credible sources (1500+ words – 80% of grade) scholarly sources are central here – see your final self-assessment;

2) A Proposal (300+ words – 10% of grade);

3) Annotated Bibliography (10% of grade).

Please see “Course Content” in BB for all handouts, list of class skills for Project #3, student models, and the appropriate Rubric.

Final submission includes:

1)Your Final Self-Assessment;

2)The components above in MLA/APA Format.

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