Proposal Presentation

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Final: Project Proposal Paper

Based on the Topic 5 first Draft Project Proposal Paper, you will complete the additional headings listed below, as well as use the feedback from your instructor. A large portion of your points are based on the instructor feedback you received in Topic 5. 

Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word final draft of your project proposal paper. Use your CLC assignments from Topic 1-7 and your own research to develop the content for your paper. In addition to revising the content as suggested by your instructor, you will also add components to the paper. Include the following as headings in your paper:

· IT Project Vision Statement: Explain the selection process for the IT project and the vision statement.

· Project Management Methodology: Describe the project management methodology chosen for the project. Include a rationale for choosing this methodology.

· Project Management Scope and Schedule: Discuss the IT project scope for the proposal. Include information about the data collection and documentation of stakeholder requirements. Explain how the IT project schedule is derived from the IT project scope.

· Risk Management Plan: Describe the elements of the risk management plan implemented for your project proposal. Include a description of the risks and benefits identified, and strategies implemented to mitigate these risks.

IT Project Team: Explain the team assembled for this project and describe the roles and responsibilities for each team member.

Funding: Describe the resources needed to complete the proposed project. Include a rationale for why the company should provide the funds necessary for the project.

FYI: Project Proposal – On-premises Data Center Upgrade & Cloud Migration

Proposal Presentation

Assessment Description

You made it through the board review and are now ready to kick off your project! As a result of your significant funding approval, your IT project team is responsible for communicating the details of the project to the enterprise. Introducing a project to the enterprise is a common occurrence, as companies seek to provide transparency and collaboration throughout their organizations. Prior unsuccessful presentations have failed to present technological solutions and concentrated on the business value, leading to drawn-out Q&A sessions and making the CIO extremely unhappy.

Your sponsor has requested that you create a PowerPoint slideshow with extensive speaker notes included. The sponsor will be the first to present the slide show during the companywide quarterly meeting. The sponsor will only have fifteen minutes to talk and answer questions, and has requested that no more than ten slides be used in the final presentation.

This presentation must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Clarify why the company is spending the funds and resources to complete the IT project.

2. Inform the enterprise of the changes that will be made during project implementation and how different departments may be impacted.

3. In addition, the enterprise is comprised of a highly technologically savvy group that enjoys seeing technical diagrams representing changes in topography and architecture that will occur in all proposed projects.

4. The CIO expects to see at least one context diagram of what changes are being made to infrastructure at the enterprise level within the presentation.

FYI: Project Proposal – On-premises Data Center Upgrade & Cloud Migration

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Rubric Criteria

Expand All Rubric CriteriaExpand All

Spending of Funds and Resources

35 points

Changes During Project Implementation

25 points

Technical and Context Diagram

25 points

Presentation of Content

5 points


5 points

Mechanics of Writing

3 points


2 points

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