psychology short answer

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Answer ONE (1) of the following questions. Do not use any direct quotes from the textbook or any other source — you must demonstrate your own understanding of the topic. Please indicate which question you are responding to in the first sentence of your response. There is no minimum word count, as long as you demonstrate general comprehension of the information.

1. How are humans different from other animals in regards to the secondary sexual characteristics associated with puberty/sexual maturity?

2. Explain the difference between sensation and perception, providing examples of each to demonstrate your understanding.

3. Humans rely on algorithms as well as heuristics to solve problems. Identify the advantage/disadvantage of each, and provide an example to demonstrate your understanding.

4. Is there a capacity/limit to working memory? If yes, what is it? Next, describe one effortful strategy humans use to increase memory retention.

5. Imagine a rabbit bites a young child causing this child to experience pain/fear. Later, as an adult, this individual displays symptoms of a rabbit phobia. Psychologists argue that many phobias (extreme and irrational fears) are acquired through classical conditioning. Identify the following factors in this rabbit phobia scenario: Unconditioned stimulus (US), Unconditioned response (UR), Neutral stimulus (NS), Conditioned stimulus (CS), Conditioned Response (CR).

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