psychology test correction 1

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Please follow these directions on how to submit test corrections. There are instructions for multiple choice and FRQ answers. Please read the entire box.

Dropbox your test corrections. See the Calendar for the Dropbox due dates.

Any test corrections submitted after the due date will not be counted. Any test corrections that are not formatted or complete will not count.


You must use this table format to receive credit. Here is the template on Google Docs to use:


Question # and Question written out

Correct Answer

Why the answer is correct:

Why the answer I chose is the wrong answer:

#22 Schizophrenia that develops rapidly, seemingly as a reaction to stress, is called ________ schizophrenia.


Acute schizophrenia is the rapid development of schizophrenia. It is the easier type treat.

Chronic schizophrenia is the slow development of schizophrenia. It is the type that does not respond well to treatment.

See this link by file:///Users/laurayang/Desktop/PowerSchool%20Learning%20_%20AP%20Psychology%202019-2020%20_%20TEST%20Unit%208%20Motivation%20&%20Emotion%202020%20_%20View.htm

Or go to

and enter my account by google account:

password: laurayang2002

Go to AP psychology unit test unit 8 and the password is coronavirus

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