Public policies on LGBTQ rights and recommendations

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I’ve completed milestones one and two for this paper and did not do as well on them as I would like to have. I can send those to assist with the process of writing this milestone three. I’ve attached the rubric for this project to this post. The first two milestones should have covered I, II, III and this paper should address IV and V. I desperately need to do well in this class, thus me reaching out for help and guidance on this second to the last section.

Milestone Three: Public Needs and Policy Recommendations
In Module Seven, you will submit the 2–3-page public needs and policy recommendations sections of your final project. This milestone is really about drilling
down more deeply into the “drivers” behind your recommendations to the selected departmental policy. As you write these sections, you will identify what
public needs are targeted by this policy and determine how well the policy addresses these needs. You will also need to examine how this policy can be changed
or improved upon to continue to address the identified need and how these changes can be accomplished while at the same time improving upon the delivery of
necessary criminal justice services. Ensure that you support your recommendations with relevant criminological theory. The draft should also incorporate the
research you have performed up to this point as set forward in Milestones One and Two. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Three Rubric.

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