Public Service Announcement

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Please only select one topic

 Research a  controversial topic within the field of infant and toddler development.  Examples: Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding, Breastfeeding in Public Vs.  In Private, Vaccination of Children vs. Not Vaccinating etc. Then  create an informational Public Service Announcement on the selected  topic. Your Public Service Announcement should be in the format of a  formal written narrative.


  1. Introduction to the topic (this should present information on research findings on the topic as a whole)
  2. Your Main Stance or Main Argument on the Issue
  3. Evidence Supporting Your Main Stance or Main Argument (2 appropriate sources – no .com websites.)
  4. Summarize the Counterargument with key Details
  5. Provide a response to the Counterargument with Support (2 appropriate sources – no .com websites.)
  6. Closing – provide a clear closing message to your audience

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